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Bristol Fish Game

 Hunting & Fishing, what else is there?


Bristol Fish Game is a platform that was created to ensure that people have the best fishing and hunting experience. These days it has become quite hard to set into a water body and fish. You will never know the risks and on the other hand, they can be highly polluted and you might not be aware of it. That is why we started this platform where we can work as a community and help the other fishing enthusiasts to engage themselves in safe fishing and hunting practices.

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Types of Fishing Gear

Types of Fishing Gear

When you go fishing in a designated spot, you should be aware that not all fish are going to be present in the same depth and that some species are in different layers of depth. So if you are doing this for fun and just want to have a peaceful experience, then a basic fishing gear should do the work but then if you are doing fishing on a commercial basis then have the right gear make all the difference. You should also be aware of the sustainability score of the various species, as it comes handy when it comes to licensing and certification. In this article, we have explored the types of fishing gear available on the market today. Before we get into the list, we would like to tell you that each of these categories has a number of sub-categories. Here we will only be looking at the broad categories of fishing gears; further research would be required to understand each category in-depth. 1. Nets Nets are the most common type of fishing gear available on the market today. Nets come in two forms, passive and active. Passive nets are ones that are held in place by rigid construction, and they basically represent an enclosure into which the fish swim into. Once the net is full, the net is lifted up from the water, and the catch is then segregated. Active nets, on the other hand, move in the water and collect the fish. The difference is important when it comes to the level of stagnation within the water reservoir where fishing is being done. 2. Hook and Lines Hook and lines are probably the most popular choice when it comes to both individual and commercial fishing. The equipment is quite easy to use and can be done effortlessly with minimal training. There is automated equipment that is used in the market today for commercial purposes, but rigs usually prefer to have nets, due to the quantity of the catch. If you are going for the quality of catch, then we suggest that you go for a hook and line system. 3. Traps These are very similar to nets, but they differ in how they are constructed. Traps are essentially a passive net that is placed in a particular location that gives them maximum yield. 4. Grappling Devices Grappling devices are essentially an upgrade on your hook and line system that is used to capture large fish or mammals in the ocean. They can either be hand-held or automated in nature. 5. Stupefying Devices These are fishing gears that use explosions or chemicals to stun or kill a large quantity of fish and are then scooped up. They are not usually preferred due to the damage that they cause to the marine ecosystem.

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4 Basic Fishing Tips for Beginners

4 Basic Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing is both an art and a science. It is an art because it requires patience and can be built with experience; it is a science because knowing the physics behinds and how they work, can greatly improve your proficiency. Fishing has both been a commercial experience and a recreational activity. If you’re seriously keen on learning how to fish, then read this article further for some essential tips to help you get better. 1. Knowledge is empowering Understanding the basics of fishing through tutorials and videos can be a great way to start. That way not only are you equipped with know-how but also with the small hacks that these tutorials teach you. Also research on the type of lake or water reservoir that you’re going to be exploring in; this can help you take into account all the variables and make you more prepared for any situation. 2. Basics With any activity, there are some key basics that you need to know and understand. Like figuring out which day to go fishing on or figuring out how to setup your equipment. These essential details might look like a walk in the park, but they require you to not only know how to go about it but also understand how to apply it. 3. Tools You have to equip yourself with the right tools for the experience that you’re going to have. For instance, it makes no sense for you to have a baseball bat if you want to play cricket. We hope you get the drift. The equipment varies for beginners and professionals; a good local store will equip with the right tools and won’t just try to sell you the priciest collection of equipment. If you have done your prior research, you should know that certain rods and reels can actually benefit you more than others. 4. Baits Baits need to be specific to the catch you’re trying to make. Not all baits can be used for all types of fish. To put things into perspective, catfish love raw chicken liver while beam fish prefer insects. So arm yourself with a multitude of baits for the right occasion. Also if you have read about the fishing spot you’re going to visit too, then you will be aware of the type of fish that are present in that spot. This would make it easier for you to get the right bait for the occasion.

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The best place to enjoy fishing. They provide you with the latest tools and fishing kit and make sure that you never feel the strain.

If you love fishing, then you are at the right place. Bristol Fish Game is the ideal platform to learn fishing the right way.

Forget the old style fishing, where you have to sit near a lake or a pond and wait for a good catch. Here, instead of that, you can travel on the sea as you fish. They give you the best experience.

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“I like fishing. Not actual fishing – I like the peace and quiet of being at sea. It’s different”

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